Mobile Device Setup


The first step is to set up a Google account on your Android device using your G Suite credentials. (You can also set up personal Gmail accounts and other G Suite accounts.)

Accessing accounts from mobile devices

Be aware that Wycliffe USA has configured access of their accounts from mobile devices so that you will also need to install an additional capability (software/utility) that allows Wycliffe USA to control access the account and, if necessary, even wipe data from your Android device.

SIL has not taken this step.

For more information about this subject, contact the Wycliffe Help Desk.

What email app?

Though your Android device may have a native Mail app pre-installed, this is NOT the best option. Setting up the Mail app requires many steps where a mistake may be made. Additionally, the Global Help Desk and SIL Google Admin teams are able to provide good support for the better option which is...

The best (and recommended) option is to install Google's own Gmail app. If you have already added your G Suite account to your phone, the Gmail app works right away. If you didn't take that first step (above), you can add your G Suite account when you open the Gmail app.

For a year or more, Google also offered Inbox by Gmail as another (free and supported) app. Many of it's features have been incorporated into the Gmail app so Google has discontinued offering Inbox by Gmail.

What about Calendar and Contacts?

Use the native Calendar and Contacts apps, which connect automatically with your Google Apps account. Any contacts or calendar events you have set up online will automatically sync with your Android devices.


By default, texting will come through the native Android app. You can configure your device to use Google Hangouts instead.


If Google Hangouts is not already installed, you can get it from the Play Store. Google Hangouts is great!

Google Drive and Google Docs

Google provides the Google Drive app as well as very functional Google Docs. Install these from the Play Store if they are not already installed on your Android device. These are always being improved.

Using a browse from your mobile device

  • Mail: go to or
  • Calendar: or
  • Drive: or


Option 1: Download the Gmail app for iOS

Access Google Mail using our Google Mail app for iOS, which combines features from Mail's mobile browser and iOS. It's available for free from Apple's Apps store. Learn more

Option 2: Use your phone's native apps

Set up your iPhone to access your G Suite mail, contacts and calendars using your iPhone's native applications. Learn more

You can also set up your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Google Sync. Learn more

Option 3: Use your mobile device's browser

Just browse to or Learn more



Currently, SIL GTIS does not support Windows Phone. Refer to Google Support for Windows Phone.


Currently, SIL GTIS does not support Blackberry. Please refer to Google Support for Blackberry.