Help! I think my account has been hacked!!

Unfortunately, you can't undo a password leakā€”once it's out, it's out. You must assume the account data is exposed. However, if you notify us quickly you can minimize the risk before it is too late.

Here are five steps to take if your Google Apps account has been compromised.

Where can I get help for other questions?

The first and best tool available is to search the internet. Google is used by many thousands of users and hundreds of organizations so you are almost guaranteed to find the information you require without having to contact any other support team. Most often, you will find the best answer on Google's own support sites. To be honest, this is the tool of choice for the Global Help Desk and the SIL Google Admin teams.

Second, visit our G Suite Community forum (a Google Group), where announcement, questions, tips and solutions have been posted. If a keyword search does not provide a past posting that answers your question, create a new posting and let your peers help you. (Note: the first time you visit this forum, you will need to request to "Join this group".)

Additional options:

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