Working Together

As a platform, G Suite offers a full suite of products ("apps") that are enabling our members to collaborate and connect in ways previous platforms (such as the retired JARMail system and Wycliffe USA's Microsoft Exchange system) did not. Just the ability to use Google Drive's "Share" and Team Drives are dynamically increasing the interaction, productivity and cooperation of members across the globe.

Of further benefit, the ability to offer users accounts with much larger storage limits (30 GB) removes the burden of daily managing (removing) content that was much easier to access and share from an online account.

On the flip side, because of a decision to segregate Wycliffe USA, SIL, JAARS and Wycliffe Global Alliance accounts into separate instances (Google domains), there are now, in a sense, 4 global email teams cooperatively managing our member G Suite accounts.

  • Wycliffe USA - an Orlando, FL (USA) based team, available at or 407-852-3815
  • SIL - a GTIS team based in Waxhaw, NC (USA), available at
  • JAARS - an Waxhaw, NC (USA), based organization. Contact their local technology manager at 704-843-6265.
  • Wycliffe Global Alliance - a small team based at several international locations, with support available at

SIL has agreed to perform many of the same maintenance functions for any account in the SIL domain and to support Wycliffe USA account. There are some tasks you may request for a Wycliffe USA account that will be directed to the specific team for your organization (Wycliffe USA, SIL, Wycliffe Global Alliance). If in doubt, feel free to contact the SIL Google Admin team who will connect you to the right support person.