Email Administration

Email administrators for the SIL and Wycliffe USA organizations have combined together to provision and support the G Suite environment of Wycliffe USA members and SIL accounts. We have delegated the ability to manage subsets of G Suite accounts to "local" mail administrators that have been approved by the local entity administration (Directors) in the field.

The SIL MailAdmin tool is developed and maintained by GTIS developers under the guidance of the SIL Google Admin team. This is the primary means of creating, updating and securing G Suite accounts for both organizations. It is this tool additionally also manages the delegation of responsibility to the "local" mail admins.

To better understand the background and capabilities, watch a video recording of the Mail Admin tool (~37 minutes) presented by the SIL Google Admin team.

Additionally Google provides access to their Google Console to each of Wycliffe USA's, SIL's and Wycliffe Global Alliance's "super" admins, a small team who can manage global G Suite settings, create Google Groups, and other central functions. These "super" admins also have direct access to Google Support.