Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is Google's IM service with video and voice. You can initiate and participate in either ad-hoc or scheduled text, voice or video changes, one-on-one or in a group.

Where is Google's own information about Hangouts Meet?

Visit Google's Hangouts Help Center for information on

  • Starting a Hangout
  • Using Hangouts Meet on your mobile device
  • Making video and phone calls
  • Chatting using Hangouts
  • Connecting Hangouts and Google Voice
  • and more...

You can also find information at the Google's Google Apps Learning Center.

Who can I make phone calls to?

Google uses Voice over iP (VoIP) technology. Because of this, you can call any other Hangouts user on their computer or mobile device BUT you can also make free calls to just about any phone (mobile or land line) in the US or Canada from anywhere in the world (with just a few exceptions like Mexico and Argentina. (If the number you call isn't free, it's only 1 cent/minute.) Calls to destinations outside of the US are at very low rates. Learn more...

What if I need help with Hangouts Meet?

Visit Google's Hangouts Help Forum.

How many people can I "Hangout" with?

The participant limit for G Suite customers is 25. To help ensure a high quality experience on a variety of computers, only the 10 most active video call participants will have their video feeds visible at the bottom of the screen at any given time. Check out the Help Center for more information on Hangouts video calls.