Google Groups

Google Groups provide a convenient way to create email-based and/or online forums and email distribution lists, offering a rich experience for community conversations.

Introduction (video)

There is often confusion about the very significant difference between Contact Groups and Google Groups. This video (below) spends ~2 1/2 minutes at the beginning nicely reviewing Contact Groups. Feel free to skip beyond that point to begin the information about Google Groups. If you still have questions about Contact Groups, perform your own internet search or contact the support team.

Where to I find Google's own help for Google Groups?

Visit Welcome to Google Groups, the Google Groups Help Center, or the Google Apps Learning Center.

How can I request a Google Group?

SIL Google Groups are for “business” purposes and cannot be created by users. These groups will all take the form of <yourgroupname> (or some other domain, as appropriate).

The preferred means for requesting a Google Group in the SIL domain/instance (as compared to Wycliffe USA or Global Alliance) is by using the Google Groups Request Form. This form collects required and optional details, notifies the SIL Google Admin team, and posts your input in a Google Doc spreadsheet for processing. Requests for Google Groups in the Wycliffe USA or Wycliffe Alliance instances should be submitted to the Wycliffe USA or Wycliffe Global Alliance G Suite support teams.

How do I get a Google Group for personal use?

Requests submitted to SIL for Google Groups for personal use will not be approved. Individuals can make a personal group at!creategroup.