Apple Mail

Apple Mail is Apple's proprietary mail client, pre-installed on Mac OS

Note: Because very few email clients are considered secure enough by Google, you will probably need to enable "Access for less secure apps" option or Windows Live Mail will be unable to connect to your Google Apps account. For more information, click here.

To add an account:

As of early 2018, version 11.2 of Apple Mail greatly simplifies adding a G Suite account. In Mail settings, indicate that you want to add a Google account, enter your (G Suite) email address and password, and Apple Mail will add your account as an IMAP connection.

For this and other reasons, we recommend you update your Mac to the latest version of Apple Mail.

For older versions of Apple Mail:

  • Ensure that the connection you will be setting up has been enabled in your Google account. Refer to Google's instructions.
  • You will probably need to turn on your Google account's "Allow less secure apps" setting.
  • Open Mail
  • Select Mail > Preferences > Accounts
  • Click the + button in the bottom corner
  • Choose Google
  • Fill in the form using standard IMAP or POP3 settings. We recommend using IMAP in almost all situations.
  • Click Set up and Done to finish.


  • If you had been using POP3 and you are attempting to switch to IMAP (highly recommended), Just before you do,
    • Do one final Get Mail for the POP3 account
    • Clear the Include when automatically checking for new messages check box on the Advanced tab of the POP3 setup.
      • Do not click to clear the Enable this account check box or delete the account; this will result in the disappearance of all of your mail. Changing the server settings or deleting an account may result in the disappearance of all of your mail.
    • Create a new setup for the same account using IMAP
    • Test the ability to send and receive with that new setup
    • Begin copying/moving email over from folders in the the POP setup into the IMAP setup. Remember that performance will initially be slow since Apple Mail is also syncing the email with the online account.
    • When all mail has been moved to the new IMAP setup, you can then remove/delete the POP3 setup from Apple Mail
  • If you are changing the mail server that you get your email from (for example, during the migration from JARMail to G Suite in 213), create a new Apple Mail account rather than just changing the server settings on the old account.