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12 Google Search Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

If you can’t remember song lyrics that are on the tip of your tongue or need to review your spending habits from last month, you can do it with Google Search. Check out a few of our favorite little known search tricks that can take your searches to the next level.

14 More Google Search Tricks You Didn’t Know

We thought our 12 hidden search tricks covered it all but after a bit more digging we found out that we had barely scratched the surface. From booking flights to comparing nutritional information, there is very little that you can’t accomplish using Search. Check out 14 more amazing things you can accomplish with the search bar.

The Easiest Way to Attach Dropbox Files to an Email in Gmail

Walk through the steps to add Dropbox as an attachment option when sending emails in Gmail. Using Dropbox’s own Chrome Extension you can finally leave the “I’ll save this to my desktop and then attach it from there” mentality behind.

How To Set Gmail As Your Default Mail Client In Chrome

Do you ever click a link to an email address and get frustrated when Outlook or Apple Mail pops up, rather than Gmail? Google Chrome makes it stunningly easy to make your Gmail account the default when clicking linked email addresses. Switching is easy and you don’t even have to go into your Chrome settings.