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Your account id (email address) and your password are the first line of defense.  Since your email address is easy to guess, ensure that your password is a good password.  What does that mean?  Here is Google's help about creating strong password.

If you know your password but want to change it, log in online using a web browser.  See Change or Reset your Google account Password
  • For SIL domain accounts, note that the "forgot password" instructions do not apply.
If you've forgotten your password, the process to recover access to your account varies depending on whether your account was provided by Wycliffe USA, SIL or Wycliffe Global Alliance.  We apologize if this is confusing.

For any account with an SIL entity (@sil.org, @jaars.org, etc), use SIL's password recovery tool

For @wycliffe.org accounts:
  • If your assignment is with Wycliffe USA, your Google password will be synced with your Insite password.  To change your Google password, change your Insite one.
  • If your assignment is in the field, use SIL's password recovery tool
For any Global Alliance account (@wycliffe.net plus many other domains), use Google's trouble signing in page.

For more information about the SIL Password Recovery tool, click here.  To actually use the tool, click here.

Add an extra layer of security for your account using Google's 2-Step Verification.  For our policy about this feature, click here.