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How can I find answers to Google Apps questions?

  1. Google it!  Many answers to your specific questions are easily found through an Internet search
  2. This page may answer your question.  Alternatively, use "Search this site" (top right corner)
  3. Search our "Google Apps Learning Center" Google Group for your answer or submit it for others to reply to
  4. If you still don't find your answer, submit your question to the Global Help Desk via the HelpDesk system, by email or by phone (704-843-6620 or 800-215-7813)
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What is the difference between Google Apps and Google Docs?

Google Docs offers tools you can use to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and forms. Google Docs is free of charge. Google Apps offers more tools and you pay for those you choose. See What's the Difference?
From the organization's standpoint, an important difference listed on that page is: "Google Apps provides access to products powered by Google but administered by your organization." The organization needs the ability to manage our corporate data and Google Apps allows us to do that. Google Docs is free to the public and is a solution for individual consumers, not companies.

Can I access Docs in Google Drive when offline?

Yes. In order to use Google Drive offline, complete these steps:

  1. Install Google Drive on the computer

  2. In the left sidebar of Drive, select More > Offline and then Enable Offline editing. Wait for file synchronization.

  3. Open the Web view of Google Drive.

  4. Click the Drive link at the top of the Google Apps window or open drive.google.com or http://gdrive.sil.org). In the left sidebar click More and choose Offline. Google will download the actual documents from the Web to the Google Drive app on the computer. Previously, Google Drive only contained links to the online documents, not the actual documents. Offline mode can be disabled by opening drive.google.com, clicking the Gear icon, and then choosing Disable Offline

Can I share a file with someone with an expiration date?

Yes. This feature allows you to share a file with "Comment" or "View" permissions with an expiration and avoid the possibility that you will forget remove permissions later.  Watch a short demonstration on how simple this is.

Is it possible for a person other than the owner of a file to delete it?

No. Only the owner of a file or folder can send it to the trash, permanently delete it, or recover it. Read Google's Find or Recover a File. Finding misplaced items is included.

The Google administrators from Wycliffe USA have published a  document titled "Google Drive confusion" that might add understanding too.

Can I use Google Drive to keep Excel spreadsheets?

Yes. Remember, Google spreadsheets do not have all of Excel's features, and cannot be edited directly in Drive. This QA can also be viewed in TeamHelp FAQ #205: Storing files in Google Drive.

Can I acquire additional storage for my Google Drive?

Yes. Additional storage is available for purchase but that additional cost will need to be paid by the account owner.  As an organization, GTIS will not pay for additional storage. Read Manage your Google Drive Storage Plan.

Can I view the revision history of a MS Office file in Google Drive?

Yes. If you put a Microsoft Office document in a Google Drive folder, along with syncing it to your other devices, Google Drive will show you the revision history. Click the file, go to "More," and then select "Manage Revisions." It will show the date and time that people have edited the file, and allow you to retrieve an earlier version. View the writeup at gappstips. This can also be viewed in TeamHelp FAQ #206: Viewing the revision history in Google Drive.

Can I import special fonts?

No. Google uses the fonts available in your browser. Many open source font families are available. Learn to use Input Tools.