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Managing and getting in touch with contacts is as easy as ever with Google contacts.

Where is Google's own information about working with Contacts?

Visit Google Contacts at the Google Apps Learning Center.  This is a great place to begin.  Learn how to create/edit/remove contacts and contact groups, use contacts in email messages and other apps, and how to organize and search contacts,

Is a corporate directory available?

Yes.  There are two tools available for everyone.
  • Login into your Google Apps account with a browser, go to your Contacts.  Alternatively, you can simply go to  contacts.google.com.  Then select Directory from the left column.  In the search field, you can enter any part of the name.
  • Go to https://addressbook.insitehome.org,  (Insite login is required to access this.)

For more details, look under our Contacts FAQ

What is the difference between Google's Directory and the address book tool on Insite?

The Directory you see in your Google Contacts is integrated into your Google account (email) as soon as you log in online and is included in a search in your My Contacts. You can type in any part of a person or position name to see a filtered list of matches.  You will find the person's name and email address.  In some cases you may see additional information that person has included in their Google+ profile.  In most cases, this will meet your needs.

On the other hand, for more advanced searches, our address book tool, hosted on Insite, is a more capable tool.  Be aware that this tool requires you to log in with Insite credentials.

This tool actually draws information from both Google and Insite, so that you can see additional helpful details such as phone numbers (if the person entered them), spouse, entity, and manager. Simply enter part of a name, email address or title and click Search.

If you enter @sil.org, you will get a “To get better results, you may want to be more specific with your search” message.  If you use the “advanced” link, however, you can enter values in each of the four fields/filters (first/given name, family name, email and title) and achieve better results.

How do I import or export contacts with my Google Contacts?

What is a Contact Group?

Consider a contact groups as a personal mailing list.  You create/name a new contact group and then add existing or new contacts into that group.  When sending an email, you simply enter the name of that contact group in the To/Cc/Bcc field.

A contact may be in more than one contact group.